Russian Vodka


«Imperial Collection» vodka is sold in decorative bottles, in gift packaging, and in the form of Easter eggs, in classic Faberge style. The decorative elements of the bottle copy the unsurpassed style of the great Russian jeweler. The surface of the bottle and the general ornamental decoration give it a sense of splendor and gracefulness. The bottle resembles an expensive carafe, and the minimalist design of the label emphasizes the excellence of the beverage inside. The company is especially proud of the unique cases in the form of Easter eggs by Karl Faberge. The manufacture of these eggs, along with carafes and glasses of Venetian glass with refined gilding requires craftsmanship and experience. The production of glass items (carafes and glasses) was entrusted to an old Italian factory where the secrets of producing famous Venetian glass were passed on from generation to generation since the 12th century. The small glasses with an uncommon relief decor are manually made. The relief gilding is one of the most complicated stages and is fulfilled by an experienced old enterprise. The décor elements are plated with 24 karat gold. Today, "Imperial Collection" vodka is a diamond in precious mounting. It is unique and inimitable. The history of the great state of Russian returns to us in a new guise. Noble beauty is embodied in an exclusive form, preserving and augmenting with great care the traditions of Russian art.

In vodka «Carskaya» the spirit of Petersburg is put: idea of interrelation of history, the present and culture. This vodka company "Ladoga" opens the anniversary collection devoted to the 300 anniversary of St.-Petersburg. By its manufacture spirit "Lux" and infusion of lime colour is used. Additives of lime honey give to vodka taste "Imperial" special softness. Excellently issued bottle having strictly proportional form, becomes really an imperial ornament of your celebratory table. (Moscow), "the Petersburg fair of wines and vodok-2003" (St.-Petersburg), tasting competition of international food forum SIAL CHINA 2003 (Shanghai, China) is awarded by a gold medal of the international exhibition "Prodekspo-2003".


«Legend of the Kremlin» The century passed after a century, and the legend about Isidora was from generation to generation transferred. We is persevering, on particles, collected archival materials, but the true did not admit to itself, escaped, reminding a pursuit of irrevocably left time. But sometimes there is a miracle, and in a pitch gloom the spark and then that seemed for ever hidden for an impenetrable curtain of centuries, suddenly lights up bright, attracting is suddenly lighted. We managed to recreate carefully the vodka recipe which authorship belongs to its founder – to monk Isidora. Using modern technologies and spirit of the highest quality, the recipe of Isidora which have come to us from time immemorial, has laid down in a basis of manufacture of vodka «Legend of the Kremlin». For the recipe of Isidora we have found a magnificent frame – that surprising shtof of Potemkinsky factory. And after five centuries «the Legend of the Kremlin» again sparkles within the precincts of ancient capital where its history began.


Vodka «PUTINKA» is a superior vodka made by "Moscow Distillery Cristall". It is very mild in flavor and smooth.

Vodka "PUTINKA" is a luxurious drink for having joy, opening out, overcoming fatigue and relaxing.

Since 1 November 2003 "Moscow Distillery Cristall" has started making a new vodka "PUTINKA". This vodka appeared thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, a team of high-level professionals and the more than 100-year history of the Distillery, To protect against forgery, a new cap with a batcher is used. In fact, this cap cannot be produced by unlicensed manufacturers.


June 2004

"Moscow Distillery Cristall" participated for the first time in the London International Wine & Spirits Fair /Great Britain/.

The Fair was successful for the "Moscow Distillery Cristall". Vodka "Putinka Pepper" received Seal of Approval at the International Spirits Challenge. It is a good achievement that will positively affect development of this product export. The Fair made the World Market acquainted with the state-of-the-art technologies of foreign and Russian alcohol production.

26 April 2004

IV Spring Agro-Industrial Exhibition "ROSAGRO-2004"

"Moscow Distillery Cristall" products won two awards at the tasting competition within the framework of IV Spring Agro-Industrial Exhibition "ROSAGRO-2004". Vodkas "Putinka Lemon" and "Putinka Pepper" were awarded the Grand Prix.

At the early stage of its production in November 2003, vodka "PUTINKA" was awarded the Grand Prix of the 3rd International Forum "Beverage Industry" for the best quality of the product.

In February 2004, vodka "PUTINKA" got the highest mark during a comparative blind tasting (Classic Vodka Category) within the framework of a "Quality Selection" Program.

In February 2004, vodka "PUTINKA" was awarded the Grand Prix of the International Competition "Best Product of 2004" at "PRODEXPO-2004" Exhibition.

In April 2004, vodka "PUTINKA" was awarded the Grand Prix of "Drinks" Tasting for the best quality at the 8th International Exhibition "InterFood-2004", St. Petersburg

On 12 April, vodka "PUTINKA" was awarded the silver medal of the 1st Russian Wine and Alcoholic Beverage Competition with an International Tasting Jury participation within the framework of "EXPO Vitrina - Moscow`2004" Professional Assembly.


Vodka «Treasure of Russia» with mosaic gold

Gold - one of the first metals, known to the person. Its value and value were great already in an extreme antiquity. Was considered that gold possesses not only material assets, but also mystical properties. On ancient, having at itself gold will not know grief, and the more gold, the it becomes more joyful at it on a shower. Gold bears to people kindly and truly it serves, after all it like the Sun draws to a human body warmly. During ancient times the meal on gold ware with the envoy of a hostile tribe was a sign on reconciliation and a fidelity oath. The envoy could be assured that the food in gold ware is not poisoned, as was considered that gold does not suppose the neighborhood with poisons. Centuries gold was considered as a success and prosperity symbol. In rich houses of the Ancient Greece magnificent meals came to the end with giving to a table of the most thin which literally were melting in the mouth, plates from gold. Greeks believed that gold promotes digestion and well influences tooth enamel. It is already scientifically proved that ancient Greeks were absolutely right. There is also a legend that the alcoholic drink containing gold, brings happiness and riches to the one who will drink it. Continuing traditions ancient, the Chernogolovsky factory of alcoholic production "OST-ALKO" represents premium-class vodka – «Treasure of Russia with mosaic gold». The basic difference of this vodka that it contains the smallest particles of mosaic gold made under the special order and resolved to use by Institute of a Food of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Vodka «Treasure of Russia» with mosaic gold – the present Russian vodka, unique connection of Russian traditions and modern technologies. High-quality spirit "Lux", fragrant spirit of wheaten crackers and the cleanest deep-well water lifted from depth of 170 m, give to vodka crystal cleanliness and create sensation of freshness. Possessing surprisingly soft taste thanks to a harmonious combination of fructose, lactose and fragrant spirit of wheaten crackers, vodka «Treasure of Russia» leaves unforgettable memoirs. This drink guarantees to the judge those sensations which expect from a drink with similar image – ecstasy success, a self-trust, familiarizing with a narrow circle of selected …


Vodka «Kalashnikov» -  exclusive Russian vodka Kalashnikov in original gift execution-bottle Vodka Kalashnikov looks as Kalashnikov's automatic machine and a wooden gift case. Vodka Kalashnikov is first-ever vodka in which it is combined iodine salt, vanillin and glycerin. Thanks to it, vodka Kalashnikov possesses preventive properties at propensity to diseases of a thyroid gland, inflammatory diseases of respiratory ways, a bronchial asthma. This elite vodka Kalashnikov prepares on classical technology with use of spirit "LUX", specially prepared, soft the water which have passed careful clearing, and 4 food additives which considerably improve quality of vodka. Spirit vodka Kalashnikov from whom vodka Kalashnikov prepares is a spirit of the higher class as it is made from high-quality grain, it is stronger spirit carefully cleared of impurity, the vodka intended for manufacture for export. Vodka Kalashnikov is Originally Russian vodka. Its unique soft properties and exclusively high quality are noted by set of the international awards and have made its known all over the world. Vodka Kalashnikov in 1999 is awarded the diploma of the finalist of the All-Russia program of competition of "100 best goods of Russia", awarded by medals and honorable diplomas for quality and original registration on the international and All-Russia reviews-competitions of 1995-2000. Structure vodka Kalashnikov-spirit ethyl spirit LUX, water drinking specially prepared, sugar the refined, moisture-holding agent-glistering, salt drinking iodine, vanillin. A fortress of 40 % about.


«Beluga» - premium vodka, created by unique recipes. Vodka Beluga (Beluga) is available at the Mariinsky distillery, founded in 1902. The plant is located in the Kemerovo region, in the middle spaces of Siberia, where for 300 miles around there are no serious industrial enterprises. Mariinsky distillery has a well equipped laboratory for quality control and has a "high quality Passport" issued by the Federal Service for Technical Control and Metrology of Russia. At the heart of vodka Beluga (Beluga) - malt alcohol luxury obtained by the old method, in which the fermentation takes place exclusively at the expense of natural enzymes. Artesian water comes from the local - environmentally friendly sources. In addition, the composition of vodka Beluga (Beluga) consists of natural ingredients that give it special properties. Vodka Beluga (Beluga) poured into a bottle of French optical glass, designed by the bureau in the old French brandy factory. Vodka Beluga (Beluga) appeared on the market in 2003 and was soon awarded a gold medal and honorary diploma tasting contest the international exhibition "The Petersburg fair of wines and vodkas. Since then she has received several prestigious awards. Currently brand of vodka before Beluga Export (Beluga Export), bottled different volumes, Gold Line and Beluga (Beluga Gold Line).



«Russian Diamond» - Premium vodka


The modern life is many-sided, as brilliant. In it the pleasure and grief, meetings and partings, high achievements and victories are surprisingly and brightly combined. Vodka "Russian Diamond" is many-sided, as a modern life. In it as the sated taste both amazing softness are brightly combined. And all this variety of taste is concluded in the unique bottle, playing by all sides of a precious diamond." Russian Diamond” Premium it is prepared on a unique compounding and technology. Refined softness and surprising freshness to this vodka is given by infusion of juicy pulp of a water-melon and fresh cucumbers. It is drunk easily and possesses unusually fresh taste. Independent experts have highly appreciated excellent taste of vodka the Russian Diamond". In total vodka " Russian Diamond" has won 2 Grand prix, 1 Big prize, 1 star, 2 National awards, 1 Gold award, 18 gold, 7 silver, 1 bronze medal and 7 diplomas of exhibitions and competitions in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sochi, Milan, Sofia, Tokyo, Bruxelles.






Vodka «Parliament»

Company Harvest produces vodka "Parliament" of excellent grain alcohol and spring water enriched with a soft Russian spring water, which is obtained from a well depth of 250 meters, owned by Harvest. Only in this way, as well as by numerous filtrations, we can achieve elegant and unmistakably clean taste of vodka "Parliament". Another important factor in guaranteeing the quality of the beverage has become the method of biological treatment of milk.

«Russian Prestige»

This drink beckons elegance of taste and freshness. High-quality grain alcohol "Lux" and glycerin make vodka velvet taste. Modern technological possibilities, purified water, and silver, ideal proportions of the components that make up this vodka, give the drink an exquisite aroma and an unusual taste, which makes use of the drink prestigious.